Our Airfield

Essex Gliding Club is a small, friendly club operating from our superb airfield at Ridgewell, on the Essex Suffolk borders.

You are welcome to come and visit our club: families are very welcome.

We operate one day during the week - used to be Wednesdays, but we now pick the best l;ooking day weather wise - Saturdays and Sundays from Ridgewell Airfield on days during the summer months whenever the weather is good enough to fly. Click here for downloadable leaflet.

While flying is in progress access has to be restricted but visitors are welcome. However, there are no public rights of way on the airfield.

People wishing to have access for other recreational activities than gliding, that do not conflict with gliding operations, cause annoyance to our neighbours or breach our Planning Permission, are very welcome, and are invited to join the club as social members.

Ridgewell is licensed only for gliders and a nominated tug aircraft.
NO OTHER LANDINGS ARE ALLOWED, except in emergencies.

Interested in Gliding and want to find out more?

Pick a nice Saturday or Sunday during the spring or summer, and come along for a visit. The family are welcome, too.

Take a look, and see what it's all about. It's fun even just to watch the gliders being launched, and to spot them high in the sky. You book a trial lesson, or take a chance we could fit you in to give it a try.

We're always keen to share our enthusiasm, and of course, the delights of flying.



Gliding is the ultimate pure silent flying experience. An exhilarating, dynamic and rewarding sport, gliding is very affordable and open to people of all ages – you can fly solo on your 16th birthday and there is no upper age limit!

There are no limits to gliding – using the same natural power of rising air currents as birds do, you can fly hundreds of miles at speeds of up to 170mph at heights of up to 40,000ft!

A short flight is a highly memorable experience as you are launched high into the sky to fly silently over the Suffolk countryside. But it doesn’t have to end there – many choose to continue their gliding adventure and go onto fly solo – so why not try it today!

Special deals for PPLs

If you’re a power pilot, holding a PPL, NPPL or better (ATPLs welcome as well!), then we have two special deals for you. Even if your licence has lapsed recently we might be able to craft a deal for you.
Click here to find out more........



Ridgewell airfield was built during WWll and first used by 90 Squadron of the RAF. In 1943 they were replaced by the American Airforce.  “THE 381st”. After the war, until 1957, it was used by the RAF as a munitions storage and disposal area.

Over TWELVE HUNDRED servicemen died in operations from this field. There are memorials at the first building on the left on the Ridgewell/Great Yeldham road after the junction on the left, to Tilbury Green. More history

Membership Forms, Codes of Practice and Safety

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